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The Goetze Education Foundation was chartered over 40 years ago in 1967 as the agency through which members and friends of Beta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma could assist the fraternity in implementing its' program of scholarship, leadership, citizenship and service.


A Letter to the Brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma Regarding the Keith C. Dinsmore Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dear Brothers, 

Many of us agree wholeheartedly that Keith Dinsmore was a shining example of Love for the Brotherhood of Sigma Tau Gamma! He was a dedicated brother as an Undergrad and went on to become a leader for our Fraternity for most of his life. He began his career in no small way as the youngest Chief Executive of any National Fraternity at the age of 22! Keith held this office at Sigma Tau Gamma for seven years and initiated an annual fundraising program, created an extensive network of volunteer leaders, launched an ambitious expansion program, chartered many alumni chapters, and was instrumental in creating the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation.

He still made time for his beloved Beta Chapter and founded the Goetze Educational Foundation in 1967 to benefit the undergraduate chapter in Kirksville. Within just a few years, ten scholarships honoring distinguished alumni were established and all are still awarded annually to this date. At the time of his passing in 2012, Keith was spearheading the launch of its' latest new scholarship, the Basil D. Hunt Scholarship which was endowed in 2013 and has continued to be awarded annually.

Beta Chapter and the National Fraternity of Sigma Tau Gamma have benefited greatly from the many seeds Keith planted along with the network of volunteers, including you, he mobilized to action!  Great examples of the fruits of his organizational strengths were the 75th and 90th Reunions for Beta Chapter which each drew nearly 250 alumni to Kirksville to celebrate milestones! The house at 1001 S. Davis in Kirksville and the National Fraternity Headquarters at 101 Ming St. in Warrensburg were built in large part through his leadership.

The Board of the Goetze Educational Foundation is pleased to announce $10,800 has been offered to launch an initial Keith C. Dinsmore Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will benefit a Sigma Tau Gamma Undergrad majoring in Journalism, Communications or Political Science who has shown leadership qualities with the chapter or in campus activities. 

We hope you will agree that a $25,000 endowment fund would be a great tribute to Keith's legacy at Beta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma! With your tax-deductible donation, we will be able to make the Keith C. Dinsmore Memorial Scholarship a Centerpiece of the Goetze Awards Annually! With each annual presentation, the Undergraduates are reminded of the service of the men for whom the scholarships are named. Please join fellow brothers in adding the Keith C. Dinsmore Scholarship to the distinguished list of awards presented annually.

Please reflect on the important role that Sigma Tau Gamma has played in your life and consider an appropriate gift to honor the legacy of Keith Dinsmore, who helped lead our chapter and National Fraternity during a large portion of our nearly 100 years! Donations can be made to: Keith Dinsmore Scholarship, Goetze Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 414630, Kansas City, MO 64141.


Jay Hemenway                                             Chuck Foudree
President, Goetze Foundation                         Trustee, Goetze Foundation

Goetze Educational Foundation
P.O. Box 414630
Kansas City, MO 64141
Phone: 913-909-7917

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